“Impart school education along with spiritual knowledge”–KRISHNAGURU

Paramaguru Krishnaguru Ishwar has taken various initiatives for universal peace and harmony towards developing an enlightened society. One of His noval initiatives is the Krishnaguru Foundation which has sponsored various Educational Institutions. The educational institutions have been successful in achieving all round Holistic development of students by imparting spiritual knowledge combined with regular curriculum in calm and serene environment. Spiritual knowledge is a must needed knowledge which can make a man self-restrained and longevity and also binds men together as one entity. Feeling of oneness of soul is the foundation of World Peace. The aim of the Krishnaguru foundation is to counter negative aspects and distractions of these external forces by providing equilibrium and correct guidance for thorough development of mental health to create a sense of compassion for all and to make everyone aware of spiritualism, the love and respect for each other.

               In order to provide spiritual knowledge along with the usual school/college/university curriculum, Krishnaguru Ishwar has established a number of educational institutions such as Krishnaguru Vidyajyoti (E.M. & A.M. school, established in the year 1994), Krishnaguru Mahavidyalaya (Arts & Commerce, established in the year 1992), Krishnaguru College of Science and Technology (established in the year 2009) and the newly established University, Krishnaguru Adhyatmik Visvavidyalaya in 2017.