Krishnaguru Mahavidyalaya, a constituent unit of Krishnaguru Adhyatmik Visvavidyalaya, was established by His Holiness Krishnaguru Ishwar in the year 1992. The idea behind the establishment of the Mahavidyalaya was to impart spiritual knowledge along with regular curriculum. Spiritual knowledge makes a man self-restrained and sustains longevity. From the early nineties (90s’) the Krishnaguru Mahavidyalaya has dedicated entirely in delivering quality education along with the blend of spiritual knowledge. Over the years, the students have performed outstanding results in the HS examination conducted by the AHSEC.

The students from all over Assam enroll here for study. The prevailing spiritual, peaceful and lash-green environment here is very conducive and suitable for pursuing knowledge.


Krishnaguru Mahavidyalaya has been producing an excellent and outstanding result in H.S. Final Examinations since 1994. Most of the students secured letter marks in subjects. And a few were able to secure top positions in the State level H.S. Examination conducted by AHSEC, Assam.

These are the credentials of Krishnaguru Mahavidyalaya:

Miss Joonmani Phukan: Secured 5th position in H.S. Final Examination, 2008

Miss Dibyajyoti Das: Secured 4th position in H.S. Final Examination, 2009

Miss Urvashi Chetia: Secured 3rd position in H.S. Final Examination, 2011

Miss Alaka Das: Secured 1st position in H.S. Final Examination, 2017


To impart spiritual knowledge along with academic education.


-Joi Krishnaguru-

At the very beginning, I want to bow down to the lotus feet of His Holiness Krishnaguru Ishwar and also give my heart-full pranam to Gurukrishna Premanand Prabhu.

As the principal of Krishnaguru Mahavidyalaya, I am honoured to welcome you to our website. Krishnaguru Mahavidyalaya is a constituent unit of Krishnaguru Adhyatmik Visvavidyalaya that imparts formal education alongside Spiritual knowledge. This has been the guiding principle of our institution. Following the noble sayings of Krishnaguru Ishwar, the faculty and students here aim to make education relevant today. The purpose of education is to gain specialised knowledge on different competitive fields but also to inculcate values that encourage compassion. We here believe that spiritualism and seeing everyone as equal help to overcome artificial barriers and initiate the ultimate world peace.

I want to thank you for sparing some of your valuable time to go through our website.

-Joi Krishnaguru-

Mrs. Kalyani Deka. M.A., LL.B
Krishnaguru Mahavidyalaya
Nasatra, Assam, India