The campus of Krishnaguru Vidyajyoti encompasses two schools, an English Medium School and the other an Assamese Medium School. It is part of the Krishnaguru Sewashram complex that is skirted by the scenic Suwarnakaur river in Nasatra village of Barpeta, Assam. The whole campus is covered by an area of 20 acres. All the important buildings of the school are inside the campus with 24×7 CCTV surveillance. We provide 24 hours electricity supply. There are two small playgrounds for the children to play. Our major athletic events are held in the University playground. Our school is well equipped with separate hostel facilities for girls and boys and a standard dining hall for the students and the staff.




The history of the School lies deeply rooted in the Krishnaguru religion. Our Paramguru Krishnauru Ishwar is the Kalki Avatar of Kali age. As reincarnation of Narayana, He has come to cleanse the age with pure Sanatan through a dharma. He has envisaged the concept of providing spiritual education together with material education from the grass root to University level. He asks His devotees to carry out the task and they went about it fervently. On 10th January, 1994 Krishnaguru Vidyajyoti was a humble seed but today it as a sprawling giant flanked by sister institutions like two colleges one for the Arts and Commerce stream and other for the Science stream and also by a University.


To impart spiritual knowledge along with school education.


His Holiness Paramguru Krishnaguru Ishwar has blessed us with the view that the right kind of education is the backbone of development and the remedy to all social evils. For the society to evolve and grow in the right perspective – education is the answer. Many a question has been raised on today’s quality and purpose of education. As experience leads to perfection, many types and pattern of education is followed and taught in schools and colleges. As the society moves ahead, it will have to change and grow. It is in this background that a new concept of learning is proposed to be put to experiment. The object of new concept is – learning process in harmony with Spiritual Knowledge. Krishnaguru Vidyajyoti a Spiritual School has the task of bringing up a new brand of students who will look up to the society and spiritualism as the basis of development. Therefore, it is a noble and humble effort with the urge to do something new and different which is the need of the time. It calls for a lot of determination and commitment/ sacrifice to realize the vision. The vision is for the good of humanity and a small contribution to the universal effort to make this earth a better place to live. It is our privilege and pleasure to have you also as a part of this vision and seek your cooperation for this noble cause for the good of humanity and the betterment of lives of many children who in turn will become guiding light to many more and more. Jai Krishnaguru

Shri Abhijit Dutta
Krishnaguru Vidyajyoti
Nasatra, Assam